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access to computer systems used by the department of human services. this is before the obama care website. the department of energy, the army u.s. missile defense agency, environmental protection agency and nasa, national aeronautics and space administration. he was arrested today, at his home friday. he was part of a group of hackers who stole military data and personal identifying information belonging to u.s. military personnel. they describe him as a sophisticated and prolific hacker. court documents say there were other hackers in australia and sweden that he was e-mailing with. in one of them the prosecutors say this stuff is really sensitive. it's basically every piece of information you'd need to do a full identity theft on any employee or contractor for the government. he's been arrested. there are charges against him filed both in brooklyn and here in eastern district of virginia, just across the river from washington. >> certainly pete there's great sensitivity given the snowden situation and what we're talking about this week but also with, federal excha
was reportedly livid about the surveillance and called president obama to register her displeasure. but the spying may have begun as far back as 2002, the early days of the bush administration, before merkel even became chancellor. and that timeline makes this clip from 2006 even creepier! i can't help but wonder if bush had gotten a tip from the nsa about how merkel mentioned on the phone she enjoyed the occasional back rub. here's the craziest part about this whole thing, it's not that we were tapping the german chancellor's phones, which is not necessarily that surprising, even though it involved an ally, it is that, apparently, president obama did not know we were doing it, according to a report from the "wall street journal" out today. the spying on merkel was part of the massive surveillance operation put in place by president george w. bush after the september 11th attacks, which members of the bush administration continue to defend to this day. >> we do have a fantastic intelligence capability worldwide against all kinds of potential issues and concerns. we are vulnerable,
. president obama said so many sometimes if you like the plan you get to keep it. it was a mantra. if you like the plan you get to keep it. now the administration has to live with this. it sounds like bait and switch. >> and somewhere in the regulationings there would be zoosome grandfathered plans but anything that doesn't meet the law would be illegal. we knew kind of this would happen. we didn't think in terms of millions of people. they did have if buried in the regulations and 7 67% of the people in the individual market may well lose their policy. >> individual consumers may not uppeunderstood. >> and they may not under stand what they get in the mail. >> wednesday on america tonight we are going to have an exclusive report from al jazeera investigative unit. josh bernstein has the story on alleged political corruption in california. >> i'm investigative reporter josh bern stein. we have the recorded conversations and the f.b.i.'s yvettsecret files and only al ja america has the details. >> findings new life among the burned ruins. how they are preventing a self e wildfire season next. i
and that's where i think team obama wants to go. i'll give you the the last word. >> i think what we're already seeing and it's puzzling the administration won't tell us. i think what's already happening is the vast majority of those are medicaid, you're right. and i also think that young, healthy people say i may take this $95 fine. i don't have a few thousand dollars more to pay for this health care later on and financially this won't work. >> pennsylvania congressman tim murphy, thank you, sir. we appreciate your time very much. >>> now, folks, obama care is not the only political battle brewing. there is a budget fight getting started again and this time it looks like it may be all about taxes. what a shocker that is. republicans say no new taxes, more democrats like harry reid and nancy pelosi are starting to demand tax hikes. i'm going to talk to one of the top senators that were in on the negotiations that began today. it's "the kudlow report." please stay with us. ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it.
, administrations. here's a few minutes on that discussion focusing on the 2009 bush-obama transition. 2009,the beginning of there was a missed opportunity. the fiscal stimulus was needed. i just wonder if a different kind of stimulus, with some of the changes larry headed at, dropping the high-speed rail and energy, might have gotten bipartisan support. today people say republicans will oppose anything obama suggests, that back in the beginning of 2009, many people were really hoping that this guy was bringing us together, and it did not happen. there will be false on both sides, but that is the question, could a different set of choices brought the country together in a way that did not happen? >> i have been critical of some of the more classically the credit parts of the recovery program. but i was there. saidenate minority leader that the basic purpose of his minority leadership was to make sure that the president was not reelected. i think it is not easy to make the case that people in the it ministration were prepared to walk a long mile to get , so i thinksupport it would have been much
, everybody. we asked and you answered, the question being should president obama have swapped out vice president biden for hillary clinton. no, biden has been the go to guy for dealing with the senate for the administration. no, although i love hillary, she will get her turn in 2016 and she will win. potus made the right call. hillary has plenty of career left. keep it coming on twitter and facebook. if it's friday, it's time to go and do, the spotlight on lives trying to improve others, at risk girls in new hampshire and new england, just how strong they are. for more than a decade girls at work has been putting power tools in their hand and teaching them woodworking skills. elaine, great to have you here. you're a general contractor by trade. explain how you got this idea to pass down a skill set like this to young girls. >> i think it sort of originated, i had taken a neighbor in many years ago. i needed to sign her up for summer camp. at the time as a struggling contractor, i couldn't afford the fee. so an exchange ended up i was offered a chance to teach working in a summer camp.
this rallying cries have intensified in the five years since barack obama raised his right hand and became president of the united states. after all, we didn't hear any of this during the bush administration. no kwqualms about it, there's a racial element to this movement. this resurgence can be seen in the headlines of conservative organizations like heritage action and the family research counc council. it's more than headlines and rhetoric. it's turning into real action at the state level. 20 states have signed laws opting out of the president's health care law. in 37 states laws have been introduced to combat any federal gun legislation. and just this year alone, 30 states have introduced stricter or new voter id laws. joining me now to discuss the history of the resurgence of the states rights movement in this country is sam townhouse "new york times" in the and msnbc contributor james peterson. thank yo thanks to you both. james, when we talk about states rights, people don't realize it's a very dark history. certainly there's the civil war. but then there's also when ronald reagan i
information. it is a much better way that the administration says going forward to gather this kind of information. >> and jim acosta, the white house has to also contend with the disastrous situation of the medical obama care. once again, a major disruption over the weekend. so what can you tell us about this part of the story? >> well, health and human services, their folks are now saying that the data services hub over at teramark, which is a subsidiary of verizon, that provides some of the capabilities, that that data services hub is back up and running again. and they are continuing to work on the larger issues with the obama care website. and that is all the millions of people trying to get in there and file applications and get enrolled for coverage. but meanwhile, wolf, there is an issue on the horizon, people are getting notices letting them know their insurance programs they have now are being cancelled or modified. and in many cases, their rates are going up. people are complaining about this. the white house is responding, saying yes this is going to happen to people bec
this philosophy during your testimony today, ma'am. obama care was signed into law 1,256 days ago. and since then, there's been user problem after user problem after user problem. regarding, your dputty administrator for consumer information, gary cohen, testified one month ago, where we are sitting, that cms has worked hard to test the infrastructure that will allow americans to enroll in coverage confidently and simply and securely, end quote. and yet according to forbes, and the wall street journal, you told them that you need five years of construction and one year of testing. the program crashed and burned at least three times and the user is still having problems. it's been down the whole time you've been testifying. the system is down at this moment. my question, ma'am is very simple. when did you know these changes were going down? a month, a day, a quarter? and did you tell the president what you knew? >> sir, i was informed that we were ready to launch on october 1st and the contractors who we had as our private partners told us and told this committee that they had never
that officials inside the administration say, going forward, to gather this kind of information. >> and jim acosta, the white house has to contend with a disastrous roll out of the obama care website. the president was unaware with the major problems with that until a few days after the launch. a major disturbance over the weekend, as you know. what can you tell us about this part of the story? >> the health and human services folks are saying that that data services hub at terremark, that that da stay services hub that provides some of the capabilities to the website, that that data services hub is back up and running again. and they are continuing to work on the larger issues with the obama care website and that is all of the millions of people trying to get? there and file applications and enroll for coverage. but there is a coming issue on the horizon. people who are starting to get notices letting them know that the insurance plans they have now are being cancelled or modifies and their rates will be going up. people are starting to complain about this. the white house is starting to r
for obama care and the rollout. you're on the committee that will question kathleen sebelius on wednesday. what does she have to say? how do you think the administration starts to turn this around? >> thank you for having me this morning. i think carl hit the nail on the head a moment ago. the affordable care act is the law of the land, it's fully operational. we have experienced some very difficult glitches with the website. it's embarrassing, but we're going to fix it. there are four components to the website. we had hearings last week and the different vendors testified that each one of these components was working properly, but when they were integrated in an end-to-end test they did not produce the results that we need. so the website has been recalled for repair, but it will be back out the door by november 30th and all of our uninsured americans can then sign up and get ready for full coverage. >> well, if that happens, as you've suggested, as we saw bill clinton suggest, let's talk about the second challenge here, and i want to put up a "new york times" headline. quote, health sit
president obama was briefed on the surveillance of german chancellor angela merkel's phone in 2010 and fast tracked any information gathered correctly to the white house. in the fast few days anonymous administration officials told the u.s. media that was false. and that a white house review only discovered the surveillance of world leaders in the summer. the bugging of merkel's phone ended soon after. for european parliamentary delegation its visit to washington is about more than the bugging of world leaders. it's about the surveillance of 10s of millions of its con stitcconnecticut stitchconstitu. >> trust has to be rebuilt. and what kind of trust needs to be rebuilt. in the end we are fighting a battle in terms of security, we need to get that balance right. we are concerned, too, about security and we made that very clear. but also there is a balance to be struck with privacy of citizens and i think these frank exchange need to rebuild that very important trust. >> reporter: their first meeting, however, was with the house intelligence committee chairman mike rodgers. he says europeans
as being hands off? not only the spying issue but now the glitches on obama care and, you know, repeatedly we keep hearing the president didn't know, didn't know ahead of time. you know, we have been led to believe early in his administration that he was a very hands-on kind of guy. >> yeah, that's a very good question. obviously, the president coming off a big win in terms of the government shutdown. he got a good political bounce out of that. we have a new nbc poll coming out later today -- this evening, in fact, and we might be able to get more answers to that very question later tonight. we'll see if there's been any political damage inflict on the president by this botched rollout, by the spying allegations. you're right. when the white house is reduced to explaining that the president simply had no idea this stuff was going on, it's just not a good position for a white house to be in. they've been on the defensive this week. they said they've expressed support for general alexander earlier in the week. expressed support for kathleen sebelius today. when you're expres
that if the on line system for getting into obama care is rickety, the system for getting out of the mandate doesn't even exist yet. hhs says it will take another month at least for the administration to finalize the forms for the hardship exemption from the individual mandate. why has it taken 3 1/2 years to finalize a simple application form for an exemption from the individual mandate? >> sir, as you know, the individual mandate is not in place until next year. we have made it very clear that if somebody is medicaid eligible in a state that doesn't choose -- >> my last question and my last second. 16 million people in the individual market have or will receive cancellation notices stating their health insurance coverage does not meet minimum coverage requirements of the affordable care act. it grants you the power to determine the criteria for hardship exemption. will you provide all of these individuals a hardship exemption since the affordable care act is taking away their plan? will do you that? >> no, sir. and i think those numbers are far from accurate. 95% of americans who have health ins
is on the administration to do that. >> republicans have been infl t inflicting and reflecting ourselves into fits. the white house, i'm not sure they even recognize how in peril the rest of barack obama's presidency is at this point. the most devastating thing isn't that you lose credibility in your, among your press corps which seems to be happening with obama's pledge that turns out not to be true if you like your plan you can keep it. the most devastating thing to obama's white house isn't that the republicans are united against them. democrats were united against george w. bush for the entirety of his presidency. the most devastating thing for the obama white house is that they are losing credibility among democrats and they are doing that because they are incompetent. not because they are wrong. there are a lot of democrats willing to go along with that. willing to get behind him. he won two presidential elections in a decisive manner. but they have roven that they do not know how to run a competent policy process and proving now that they can't run a political process behind their policy in
american would have to sign up for obama care. then the first act of government after reopening is to have hearings about the fact people can't sign up for the thing, this entire blockade against. feels what the administration is having a challenge with, a capacity to sell this program, which has everything to do with the fact there are very real beneficiaries of the aca expansion most importantly around medicaid. but we get to that conversation because we're talking about the glitches in the website. >> may i remind us this information comes from a leaked report from none other than darrell issa. i'm going to say he's got a little history of cherry picking the information he leaks. we saw that in the irs scandal where everybody went this direction. we get the facts and realize it's a totally different story than we thought. i want to remind us, there have been plenty of glitches. we think it's terrible. i'm not sure we should use darrell issa. >> a discount factor of 25 at least. >> so 31 people signed up. glen, go ahead. >> darrell issa aside, this is not going well. >> master of underst
. >> this is a court that can rule for or against the executive orders of this administration. >> a court that some people have called the second most important court in the nation. >> it is delivered rebuke after rebuke to the president's agenda. today, the court overturned an obama care provision mandating businesses cover their employees' birth control. this year, it invalidated the president's national labor relations board appointments, making the body nonfunctional. last year, it struck down epa rules on air pollution. all of that from this one court. now, republicans filibustering a nominee isn't new. what is new and dangerous is the reason. you see, the d.c. appellate court has 11 seats, three of those seats are now vacant. and the judges who are there reliablely deliver conservative rulings. if the president could appoint one judge, it would tip the court's balance. if he could fill all three vacancies, it would transform the court and all of american justice. but republicans are now saying that democrats can appoint no one to fill those vacancievacan. in fact, they are now saying that app
zones earlier. being taken down for repairs. the administration is working to fix problems that have plagued the site. officials have promised it will be functioning well for most users. the vast majority, they say by the end of the month. president obama goes on the road this week to make another pitch for the affordable care act. last week it was boston. this wednesday the president travels to dallas. eel thank local volunteers for helps consumers enroll in health care plans. and the president getting help from hollywood. elizabeth cohen has details. >> celebrities helping promote the affordable care act. on actress olivia wilde plays a game called obama care or shut up. >> if you're under 26 you can stay on your parents' insurance. >> shut up. >> in jennifer hudson's parody, obama care solves everything. >> my company's health care, it doesn't cover mammograms. >> the aca covers presentative care for women's health. >> that's it. >> lady gaga wants you to get covered. the vampire diaries nina dobrov took her top off for obama care. the president is making a pitch o
was and who accumulated the massive debts by their particular administration. i think it would answer a lot of questions. $5se people are talking trillion with obama is ridiculous. i wish you would do that, thank you. host: thank you for the call. he brought up health care select listen to kathleen sibelius testifying on capitol hill earlier this week. [video clip] >> in these early weeks, access been has miserably frustrating express for many americans including many who avoided years, in some cases their entire lives, for the security of health insurance. i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of to thesey directly americans-you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems and i am committed to earning your confidence back by fixing the site. we are working day and night and will continue until it's fixed. host: let's take more of your calls, steve in scottsdale, arizona, republican line. caller: hi, thanks for taking my call. i wanted to say something about the health care rollout. maybe what they shou
. the administration says it halted some of the tapping, including of germany chancellor's merkel's cell phone. and one said president obama should stop apologizing and is being defensive. >> the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives, not just in the united states but also in france and germany and throughout europe. >> reporter: and spanish media reports the nsa monitored 60 million phone calls in that country in just one month. how this could affect u.s. foreign policy on fighting terrorism and is other key issues, we expect to hear more on the white house news conference scheduled to begin in 90 minutes kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and diane feinstein plans to give continued authority. she heads the senate select committee on intelligence. they are drafting legislation to put restrictions on the nsa phone records program. the legislation would allow the nsa to continue gathering records listing the numbers, time and duration of all u.s. telephone calls but not their content the. >>> time is 8:15. well, this week marks the first anniversary of superstorm sandy. one of the nation's
to keep quiet about obama care in. >> we have not. we've been actively iengaged wih multiple years with the administration on both sides the aisle. we believe the make system needs to evolve, you need to improve affordability for all and improve health care quality for all. that's what we've been working toward. >> when he refers to "bad apple insurers," i wonder if you think he's lumping you into that group? >> i'd like to think not. if you look at cigna, we have a large record -- we been an employer-- provider for decades. how do you convert those to an individual market to have the same level of engagement and incentives for individuals and partner with physicians and have them engage more on partner health. >> it's been a crazy month for the sector at large. you, yourself, had a nice beat and a nice raise. probably in the this good. what did you say during the call today in. >> we had another strong quarter and we're pleased. our team continues to execute well. a few points are irrelevant here. one, a strong track record of delivering revenues and earnings growth through 2011,
on the wrong track. that is a bad number, as well, for any incumbent administration. what this portends going into 2014 is anybody's guess. but it's bad time in the obama white house right now, guys. >> added up somewhat positive, positive and neutral and i got to 46% for the republicans. it's like the election. here is my question. i'll ask you. you've got your ear -- i kind of wanted to ask harwood, but he's not around. >> fine. >> no, i like you, but with harwood, i kind of nudge him. you've seen the dynamic. >> i'll stay out of that. >> here is the thing. i'm going to paint a scenario and i'm relying on hearsay from ed cline, the author, who said that the white house, valerie jared thought you know what? these republicans are so dumb, but we can trap them and get them to shut down the government. we can use phrases -- she supposed by came up with phrases like hostage taker, gun to your head. we can do all these things, we'll shut it down, it will back fire on them. they'll look stupid and we'll end up winning. now, that strategy worked pretty well, but we've got 42% now on the president's
, the administration went too fast too far. they wanted to get the green energy initiative out, that was one of the big platforms of president obama, but they did it -- it's almost like the health care rollout. they really didn't do the correct research, and the chinese swooped in, and they're killing us -- bill: they are? >> absolutely. cheaper and faster without the regulations that we have -- bill: so when it comes to the industry of solar power, there are winners -- >> sure. bill: a lot of losers, but apparently it's beijing. >> exactly. they're making all of the cash. and look, overall solar and wind is still a minute, small part of overall energy production. we still run on oil, natural gas. that is not going to change for the next 20 years. but what the rollout of the epa initiatives, in my opinion, was the problem was that they didn't effectively look at the cost, the environmental costs which is what we're finding out today with this study on this colorado plant and abound solar, but they didn't look at the long-term financial implication of cleaning up solar production. and americans don't wa
that president obama has been briefed on the were ported shooting there. the white house of the los angeles police department is leading the response and investigation into the shooting, and administration officials are in touch with federal and local partners. the "l.a. times" says in a tweet that the gunman is in custody. the incident began at 9:30 a.m. pacific. witnesses described the gunman and terminal three. use a white -- he used a rifle. there are multiple victims. that tweet from cbs. we will have a briefing in just a moment when they get underway here at the white house briefing room. in the meantime, prime minister maliki meeting with president obama this afternoon. the prime minister spoke yesterday at the u.s. institute of peace. we will show you as much as we can from his comments until the briefing gets underway. >> the name of god, the most compassionate and merciful. in the beginning, i want to express my gratitude and the esteem to former congressman mr. jim marshall for his welcoming speech. i also want to express my thank the gratitude to the ambassador for warm words. a
by the administration. >> claims about the u.s. fine on allied leaders and citizens have sparked calls for the u.s. to roll back their surveillance programs. president obama has ordered a review of those programs. >> aboard is in a the united emirates are morning social media users that photos of individuals posted online without their consent could lead them to jail. posting photos or videos without permission can bring the six months in prison and fines as high as $140,000. the uae has some of the region's toughest enforcement of internet restrictions, but other gulf countries could follow suit. female announcer: female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, including the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: but don't wait. sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a
british report that said president obama had been told three years ago that the nsa was eavesdropping on merkel's cell phone, but that is the only clear denial so far as the administration is now scrambling to answer angry allies without knowing just what edward snowden will leak next. matt. >> andrea mitchell. thank you very much. >>> get some perspective from robert goetz. he is an nbc news political analyst. robert, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. how are you? >> as somebody who used to live and breathe these kinds of crises, what are we talking here? do you consider this to be a much damage has been done? >> well, look, i think clearly damage has been done. i think we have to evaluate whether the costs of the method of gathering some intelligence greatly exceeds the benefit of that intelligence, particularly when we're listening into apparently some of our very closest allies. >> it seems that the feeling from the white house so far up until this point has been, look, we all know, wink, wink, everyone does it. everybody spies on each other. this seems to go above a
" for tuesday, october 29th, 2013. good morning, good to be with you, i'm anne-marie green. well, a senior obama administration official says the
groufrp we're happy you joined us for a town hall with mayor ed lee with the obama administration on the action on immigration founded here just a few blocks away. that what matters is we have a mare that understands the issues a nearest and dear it to us and that's immigration reform. since it's inception we've gotten over 20 visas alone and the feeling is we have a shortage on green talent when we need to go through the steps we need to go through and for the tech community we're focused on opening up our technical school to the global community. we're in a talent war along with a state war on services gov. and anything we can help to create change here means so much to us. we have the mayor who can creative impact so we stand behind mayor ed lee and we're thrilled he's here. i'm so excited to here what he is has to say. thank you (clapping) >> julia and kevin a thank you for being subpoena great community leaders were we're going to have a robust town meeting this is being live for my radio program. we like to let people know in advance. i'm going to ask a few questions then w
control while the obama administration apologizes for the botched rollout of the president's health care law. there are new security concerns about the government's faulty website. >> amazon would never do this. proflowers would never do this. kayak would never do this. >>> and a hero behind the wheel. a bus driver talks a woman from
, the obama administration launched its health care exchange. this was to be the biggest moment of the president's signature achievement in office. it's one that people were looking for years to the opening of the exchanges, and i would just say, mr. president, it flopped. it completely flopped. the web site crashed, and it fell right on the heads of the people who were already anxious about their health care, people all across the country saw this collapse and even the late-night comedians have made a lot of jokes about the incompetence and mismanagement of the obama administration. but, mr. president, i have to tell you that the failure of the exchapping is no laughing matter because this is much more than a failed web site u real people who are facing real health care problems are being hurt because of this administration's failed health care law. because of this law, millions of people are getting letters saying that their insurance has been canceled, and i've talked to some of them this past weekend in wyoming. at least 3.5 million across the country and the number continue
of the obama administration paid off, because in early august of this year, right after congress got out of town for the august recess, conveniently right after congress left the scene of the crime, the obama administration issued a special rule with no basis in the law, in my opinion, no basis in the obamacare statute. and this special rule is a special exemption for congress, a carveout to take all of the financial sting out of that obamacare section. and what this special o.p.m. rule is -- and, again, o.p.m., the office of personnel management, was the agency that came up with this illegal rule after this furious lobbying, after president obama became personally involved, literally personally participated in the discussions leading to this rule -- what this illegal rule does is essentially two things. first of all, the rule says, well, official congressional staff. we don't know who that is. we can't possibly determine who official congressional staff is so we're going to leave it up to each individual member of congress to figure out who their official staff are. well, mr. president,
hamburgers it was selling every day. yet the obama administration cannot tell us how many americans have tried to sign up for obamacare, can't tell us how many americans did sign up for obamacare, they can't tell us what level of insurance they bought, nor can they tell us in what zip code they live. they've told us that 20 million americans have visited the obamacare web site. they've got the basic information to shop but how many have tried to sign up? how many did sign up? where do they live? what kind of insurance did they buy? not only have they not told us, madam president, they've done their best to keep us from finding out. with wicki leaks and aircraft snow den -- snowden spilling our beans every day, it's the biggest secret left in washington, d.c. the national security administration could learn some lessons from secretary sebelius. see wee shouldn't have to rely on anonymous sources to get basic information about what's happening with obamacare. therefore i'm introducing legislation today to require the administration to answer the following questions every week, how many peo
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